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Auto Repair Service

Reliance Automobile Solution

Our Certified Mechanics provide fast and reliable repairs for any make or model!

Contact us today if you need Auto Repair Services in Nassau County, NY, Suffolk County, NYC, New York, NY, Bronx, Queens and Westchester, NY, or any of the surrounding areas!

Reliance Automobile Solutions has over 18 years of experience in the transportation business. At Reliance Automobile Solution we offer vehicle inspections, preventative maintenance, and repairs for commercial vehicles and fleets. We have a wide variety of services that we provide including wheel alignments, school bus repairs, motor coach repairs, electrical system service, air conditioning & heating maintenance, engine repairs, transmission repairs, and other small and large repairs. Our mechanics can perform the preventative maintenance necessary for your vehicles to pass their yearly D.O.T. inspection.

We can repair any issue you are having with your fleet or vehicle, no matter what make or model!

Our facility is fully equipped to service all commercial vehicles including buses, motor coaches, school buses, limousines, and more. We can provide specialized bus maintenance, school bus servicing, electrical component servicing, as well as address any other mechanical issues your vehicles are facing like transmission and engine problems. Call us today at 844-681-1030 or 718-577-1105 to speak to one of our highly experienced commercial vehicle repair experts. We look forward to taking care of your fleet inspection and maintenance needs.